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Open Ride This Sunday: Folsom Lake Loop

Hey folks. Looks like Sunday is going to be a nice one so we’re going to take advantage of the weather and hit the road.  A group of us are going to roll around the Folsom Lake loop.  If you’re interested in a beautiful ride packed with challenging climbs, some great views, and some fun […]

Grand Fondo San Diego: Post Ride Review

Well, it has taken a couple days for me to completely thaw out, but with my core temperature back in check and all of my digits capable of running at full speed again, I’d say it is time for the Gran Fondo SD post ride review. First, a little background… Months ago, as summer transitioned […]

Team Road Rash's First Century of 2010: The Gran Fondo San Diego

The bags are packed, the carbo loading has begun, and this weekend two members of team road rash will make the journey down to (hopefully sunny) Southern California to participate in the Gran Fondo San Diego. The event takes claim to being America’s first gran fondo although they only beat levi’s in Santa Rosa by […]

The 2010 Season begins!

The trails have thawed, there is a break in the clouds, and the lineup of centuries are quite literally right around the corner. We have a new and exciting season ahead of us and in accordance, my winter hibernation from writing has come to completion. Today’s weather was a spring preview of sorts and the […]

Team Road Rash Beats Levi at his own Race!

Once again Team Road Rash’s powerhouse Branigan Schoppman showed why he is both feared and respected on the trails of Folsom and abroad. In an incredible upset Schoppman put Levi Leipheimer (the multiple time Tour of California Champion) to shame with a finish a full 14 places ahead of the front runner. However, as with […]

Cruising the Information Super-Highway in style.

That’s right. Our site re-design is finally here. Things have been pretty hectic lately so finding the time to give a face lift was a little tough, but I think the wait was well worth it. We realize the site is still a little lean as far as content goes, but that will be […]

The Post Ride Review: Gold Rush Metric Century

Yesterday marked the second annual gold rush metric century and it was quite a day. Team RR was proud to have a trio of riders dawning the team jersey and representing wholsome Folsom in the event. After participated in the event last year, we were eager to see what the new course would bring to […]