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Levi’s at it again

Levi leipheimer may have changed squads this year, but this weekend there are signs that old habits die hard. Fresh off an outstanding weekend for Omega Pharma Lotto where teammate Tom Boonen turned in a dominant performance to take the win in the classic of Flanders, veteran Leipheimer seems unable to stand even a moment out of the spotlight.

Willing to spend a day in the hospital rather than take endure another moment in his teammate’s shadow…

Land Park Criterium 2012

Hopefully by now everyone has recovered from a successful St. Patty’s day weekend. This year my weekend included a trip down to check out the 2012 Land Park Criterium where Curt was racing in BP colors.

I’ve only been to this course a few times, but it always seems to be a popular race. The venue is easy to admire as it’s noticeably both more technical and scenic than the likes your standard business park race course. Uniquely, the LP crit inserts character into the race as it wraps the manicured greens and lush fairways of the Land Park Golf Course, established in 1924. Tall, mature trees frame the course. Historic homes and mansions line the outside. More importantly for racers, the course offers a wide well-paved path that incorporates both high speeds and technical turns to help make the selection.

Color, Craft, and Creativity: The North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2012

Well the weekend has come to a close and I hope that everyone got to enjoy the amazing weather. As for me, a bit of cycling culture rolled through town and I couldn’t help but check it out. On saturday afternoon, I packed up the fam, met up with up with Schoppmans, and hit up the North American Handmade Bike Show in downtown Sacramento.

A rare treat to have the event hosted in our hometown, it was a great opportunity to check out the latest in handmade bike trends and see who was pushing the limits of creativity. This year there was an even greater appeal as it was a chance to take my son to his first bike show. How cool, right!?

Tour of California 2011 – Auburn Start

In anticipation of this year’s Tour of California, I was cruising through my archives and found some photos that never made it up on the site. Here’s the set from the Auburn start last year.

As much as I’ll miss it this year, we’ve been so blessed to have the tour embark straight through our back yard for the last few years. During that time we’ve had amazing access to the sports elite riders and personalities. This set features some up close shots with Andy Schleck, Jens Voight, and famed commentator Bob Roll.

New Jerseys, Members, and Sponsors! 2012 is Going to be a Fun One…

2011 flew by! …and in that time there was far to much that just didn’t get captured here. Now, it’s time to remedy that with a quick recap as we roll into the new year.

Team Road Rash’s Newest Member: Although our team has a tendency to flirt with exclusivity to an extreme, there are occasions where we find it within ourselves to bring someone new into the paceline. This Fall was one such occasion….