About Team Road Rash

We are a collection of good friends and motivated riders located in and around “Wholesome” Folsom, CA. We train together with regular team rides, participate in various centuries across the state, and enjoy a good beer or two on the weekends. If these activities resonate with you, hop into the slipstream, do a little pulling, and join into the fun.

Founding Members

Lindsay Hardy

Obsessed with riding bikes and designing things, Lindsay can always be found grinning somewhere in the pack.

Branigan Schoppman

His favorite bike is named “tank”. Is there anything more you really need to know? Bran has ridden some epic terrain in his days, including an excursion that spanned the northern and southern borders of Cali.

Mike DiCarlo

Mr DiCarlo is a man of science and sole creator of ‘MikeLogic’ ™.Unafraid to discard his water bottles on hot day in the name of weight savings, Mike will surprise you with his flashes of “brilliance” on the trails.

Curt Mills

I once thought I was the most competitive person in the world…and then I met Curt. Originating as a century rider like the rest of us, curt quickly caught the racing bug. During the season, he wins races for Team Data Driven.