New Jerseys, Members, and Sponsors! 2012 is Going to be a Fun One…

2011 flew by! …and in that time there was far to much that just didn’t get captured here. Now, it’s time to remedy that with a quick recap as we roll into the new year.

Team Road Rash’s Newest Member: Although our team has a tendency to flirt with exclusivity to an extreme, there are occasions where we find it within ourselves to bring someone new into the paceline. This Fall was one such occasion….

Contador gives back!

Sources close to his brother Frank seem to think that size was less of a factor and that had Alberto cleaned the jersey before handing it off, the symbolic gift would have been better received. Later he muttered to a Dutch paper in a somewhat beleaguered tone, “For me Alberto is the winner of the 2010 Tour. I would love to win the Tour on my own.”

The Chico Wildflower Century 2010 – The Post Ride Review

The 2010 cycling season is ramping up quickly and this past weekend we took the much anticipated trip north to ride in the 29th annual Chico Wildflower Century. Renowned for its striking views, challenging terrain, and relaxed atmosphere, the wildflower is deservedly one of the most popular rides in Northern California. As expected, this year’s […]

Chico Wildflower Century Videos: Time Lapse video part 1 of 4

The team’s just returned home from Chico VELO’s 29th annual Wildflower Century. It was an amazing ride and our report was is on the way soon. However, in the meantime, we’ve got a new addition to Team Road Rash…Video! Yes, as a team of cyclists/nerds it was only be a matter of time before we […]

Team Road Rash's First Century of 2010: The Gran Fondo San Diego

The bags are packed, the carbo loading has begun, and this weekend two members of team road rash will make the journey down to (hopefully sunny) Southern California to participate in the Gran Fondo San Diego. The event takes claim to being America’s first gran fondo although they only beat levi’s in Santa Rosa by […]