The Rash: Tour of Cali & Strava Redemption

Happy Sunday peeps. If there’s a time to geek out on cycling outside of July, this is truly it. Bike month, ATOC, Spring weather. Can’t beat that. Welcome to another edition of “The Rash”. Tour of California 2014 The Tour of California is complete and the level of excitement and competition was outstanding. Hair-raising sprints, […]

The Chico Wildflower Century 2014 Highlights + Video

This past weekend was a big one on my ride calendar: Enjoy a  few highlights from one of my favorite rides of the year, the Chico Wildflower Century. The Ride Consistently listed by Bicycling magazine as a Top Ten Century, the Wildflower course offers terrain that is both challenging and scenic. Through the 96 mile […]

Mountain Biking Folsom Lake: Singletrack to Salmon Falls

Hey Peeps. Yes, I’m well aware that Wildflower is nearly upon us and more base miles on the road are a must, but this weekend the Folsom Lake singletrack came calling and the allure of the fresh spring landscape and the promise of a small adventure proved too great to pass up. That’s right, it […]

The Rash: Unwinding

Hey Peeps! Welcome to another edition of “The Rash”. I hope everyone made time for some great riding this past weekend. Myself, I hooked up the GoPro to my brand new helmet mount & hit up a couple local staples before a Santa Cruz excursion this weekend…It was terrific. In this week’s rash:  Salmon Falls […]

A Morning Ride up Deer Valley

I hope everyone enjoyed an easter weekend, packed with family, friends and good food. Mine was wonderful and the sunshine and warmth was a welcomed sight. Some tight scheduling pushed back the Folsom Lake Loop to next weekend, but this past saturday we took the opportunity to roll up Malcolm Dixon and Deer Valley Rd. to take part in the Deer Valley Loop.

A gorgeous little section of road, tucked away in the hills next to the heavily trafficked Green Valley, it is easy to forget how close to home you really are. On this particular Saturday, our early morning start was greeted with a brisk chill. However, a quick charge up the first hill was all that was required to thaw. From there it was all tall spring oak, near florescent fields of green, sharp climbs, and quick descents toward to the fire house in Rescue.

The Chico Wildflower Century 2010 – The Post Ride Review

The 2010 cycling season is ramping up quickly and this past weekend we took the much anticipated trip north to ride in the 29th annual Chico Wildflower Century. Renowned for its striking views, challenging terrain, and relaxed atmosphere, the wildflower is deservedly one of the most popular rides in Northern California. As expected, this year’s […]

Grand Fondo San Diego: Post Ride Review

Well, it has taken a couple days for me to completely thaw out, but with my core temperature back in check and all of my digits capable of running at full speed again, I’d say it is time for the Gran Fondo SD post ride review. First, a little background… Months ago, as summer transitioned […]