Road Trip: Upper Bidwell Park – Chico, ca

This Thanksgiving Casey and I took the mountain bikes up to Chico, CA. We rolled up the rocky incline of the “fence line” trail of Upper Bidwell Park then stormed down the switchbacks of B-trail, to the canyon floor. The late afternoon suns that illuminated the valley provided a soft glow for the landscape. I […]

The Rash: Tour of Cali & Strava Redemption

Happy Sunday peeps. If there’s a time to geek out on cycling outside of July, this is truly it. Bike month, ATOC, Spring weather. Can’t beat that. Welcome to another edition of “The Rash”. Tour of California 2014 The Tour of California is complete and the level of excitement and competition was outstanding. Hair-raising sprints, […]

May is Bike Month: Photos Feed

Hey peeps. It’s bike month! …And while, in this past, bike month has been marked by punishing mileage challenges, outlandish bets & even midnight rides (Seriously, there were some shockingly high stakes items on the line), I’m incorporating something new to celebrate our time on the trails: a simple photo feed. From mountain to road and […]

Mountain Biking Folsom Lake: Singletrack to Salmon Falls

Hey Peeps. Yes, I’m well aware that Wildflower is nearly upon us and more base miles on the road are a must, but this weekend the Folsom Lake singletrack came calling and the allure of the fresh spring landscape and the promise of a small adventure proved too great to pass up. That’s right, it […]

wknd riding

Hey peeps. So when I was gearing up for this past weekend, I fully expected this post would be highly detailed chronicle of the sufferfest that was the Gold Country Fondo. As you can tell, that’s not the case. It turns out the weather had no intentions of agreeing, and even managed to force Big […]

The Rash: Kits, Burns & GoPro Theater

Hey Peeps. Hope everyone is putting the final touches on a short week at the office and ready for some incredible riding this weekend. This past weekend I took the road bike for a quick trip up Deer Valley on Saturday before departing to Chico for much needed cycling excursion. This time in Chico, I […]

The Rash: A Very Classic Bike Church

Happy Monday Peeps. Great weekend here and I hope yours was the same. In this week’s rash: Photos, Bike church & Some Talk of Big George heading our way. Being that yesterday was Superbowl Sunday, I could comment on the game, but that performance spoke for itself. Those few hours were crammed with all the […]

Fall and Winter Riding

Just in case, the chill in the air and a little wind scared you off the trails…Here’s a few photos to remind you how great it is.  After a Summer/Fall season cut a bit short by the arrival of my new son (Team RR’s newest and possibly most enthusiastic member!), it was great to get […]