Chico Wildflower Century Videos: Time Lapse video part 1 of 4

The team’s just returned home from Chico VELO’s 29th annual Wildflower Century. It was an amazing ride and our report was is on the way soon. However, in the meantime, we’ve got a new addition to Team Road Rash…Video! Yes, as a team of cyclists/nerds it was only be a matter of time before we […]

Cruising the Information Super-Highway in style.

That’s right. Our site re-design is finally here. Things have been pretty hectic lately so finding the time to give a face lift was a little tough, but I think the wait was well worth it. We realize the site is still a little lean as far as content goes, but that will be […]

The Post Ride Review: Gold Rush Metric Century

Yesterday marked the second annual gold rush metric century and it was quite a day. Team RR was proud to have a trio of riders dawning the team jersey and representing wholsome Folsom in the event. After participated in the event last year, we were eager to see what the new course would bring to […]

Team Road Rash Hits the Interwebs!

Well, it is the eve before the Gold Rush metric century and the Folsom Cyclebration weekend is well underway.  We were fortunate enough to see the time trials riders hitting the course at the canal near RelyNet this afternoon and there was some seriously impressive gear.  Apparently 300 riders participated in the event.  I have […]