Video: How to be a Road Biker

From the world of twitter… Hilarious because it probably hits a little too close to home 🙂 credit to for coming up wit this gem

Fun times w/ the GoPro & Bike Church!

Hey Peeps. I hope everyone had a killer weekend and got a chance to roll out in this amazing winter weather. Sure, the drought and our hidden Folsom Lake has me as nervous as anyone, but sometimes you’ve gotta make hay while the sun shines. This weekend we managed to do just that. As Bran […]

The Rash: Keeping it Classy – The Good, The Bland & The Ugly

Welcome back to the 2nd edition of “The Rash”. Dear god, the name stuck. Yep, just like a nasty case of road rash it doesn’t appear leaving anytime soon. In this weeks edition: kit reveals/reactions, vid recommendations & special shout out to Matt Damon? Enjoy! 2014 kit Reveals It’s been interesting offseason for the pro […]

The Rash: Kicking the new year off Like a Boss

Welcome to “The Rash”, a weekly series on the local cycling scene and general “best of” material. If you’ve got feedback or you’d like to see more on a particular topic, leave a comment. The Rash!? No, future issues won’t likely bare this hideous name (unless they do. It’s kind of catchy, right?), but sometimes […]

Levi’s Gran Fondo 2013

It’s October. The leaves are changing and the air is suddenly crisp. Most importantly I’ve just ridden my bike through 103 miles of the most breathtaking scenery that Northern California has to offer. That’s right, this week I got the chance to ride Levi’s Gran Fondo for the fourth time in the five years they’ve been […]

Curt “Michael” Mills: Fun Facts

Sunday was a good day for our buddy Curt. However, this up-and-coming racer a carries with him an air of mystique. So today we celebrate with a couple fun facts about our favorite local racer…

Contador gives back!

Sources close to his brother Frank seem to think that size was less of a factor and that had Alberto cleaned the jersey before handing it off, the symbolic gift would have been better received. Later he muttered to a Dutch paper in a somewhat beleaguered tone, “For me Alberto is the winner of the 2010 Tour. I would love to win the Tour on my own.”

May is Bike Month! Video Highlight

Hey everybody! Here is a little highlight from the A/V Club. Sure, it is a quick familiar stretch of the American River bike trail, but we got a chance to try out the new helmet mount and HD setting with the cam. It really turned out great. Thanks Mike. We are only 12 days into […]

The Chico Wildflower Century 2010 – The Post Ride Review

The 2010 cycling season is ramping up quickly and this past weekend we took the much anticipated trip north to ride in the 29th annual Chico Wildflower Century. Renowned for its striking views, challenging terrain, and relaxed atmosphere, the wildflower is deservedly one of the most popular rides in Northern California. As expected, this year’s […]