Tour of California 2011 – Auburn Start

In anticipation of this year’s Tour of California, I was cruising through my archives and found some photos that never made it up on the site. Here’s the set from the Auburn start last year.

As much as I’ll miss it this year, we’ve been so blessed to have the tour embark straight through our back yard for the last few years. During that time we’ve had amazing access to the sports elite riders and personalities. This set features some up close shots with Andy Schleck, Jens Voight, and famed commentator Bob Roll.

New Jerseys, Members, and Sponsors! 2012 is Going to be a Fun One…

2011 flew by! …and in that time there was far to much that just didn’t get captured here. Now, it’s time to remedy that with a quick recap as we roll into the new year.

Team Road Rash’s Newest Member: Although our team has a tendency to flirt with exclusivity to an extreme, there are occasions where we find it within ourselves to bring someone new into the paceline. This Fall was one such occasion….

Fall and Winter Riding

Just in case, the chill in the air and a little wind scared you off the trails…Here’s a few photos to remind you how great it is.  After a Summer/Fall season cut a bit short by the arrival of my new son (Team RR’s newest and possibly most enthusiastic member!), it was great to get […]

Grand Fondo San Diego: Post Ride Review

Well, it has taken a couple days for me to completely thaw out, but with my core temperature back in check and all of my digits capable of running at full speed again, I’d say it is time for the Gran Fondo SD post ride review. First, a little background… Months ago, as summer transitioned […]

Cruising Through the Hills of El Dorado

Well spring may officially be here but I’m pretty sure that winter got jealous and decided to throw a little love our way before the temps take a turn upward. Either way, we were lucky enough to miss some big rain this weekend and ride a bit. Here’s few photos from the past week and […]