Today is a great day. I took my bro-in-law out to test his new mtb bike on the singletrack of granite bay. Skies were cloudy, temp in the 80’s and the breeze was slight. After 2 hours in the dirt, the legs are that perfect kind of “relaxed” tired.

Now I’m home. The toddler and and wife resting upstairs and my newborn is asleep on my chest while I cruise the iPad. In my lazy browsing, I’ve run across some old notes that were left unfinished and unpublished from last fall.

The tension of the chilly bunch start gets the nerves frayed just enough. Then comes the jocky’ing for position, trying to stay on your side of the yellow line while making your way up to the lead pack so you can draft off the generous watts of the pelotons experienced legs. Simultaneously the anticipatory nerves cool down and the body warms up. As you wake to this, you realize that you’re already out of the city, watching the sun kiss of the dew of the fields.

You’re now completely immersed in the journey. Adrenaline is tempting your fresh legs to push just a bit harder than you should and you’re ready to duck into the shadows of the tall redwoods. Eager and confident, a shallow grade propels you quickly into the forest, where you find those first climbs and your first substantial kick of endorphines.

It’s my stream of consciousness from the bunch start at the Fondo, a note I might have deleted in the past, but in this moment it has me floored for October. I love that feeling at the start of a big ride.

As I sign off, the dog considerately addresses my single care in the world at this moment as she wrestles a pesky, rogue fly from the air.

Early parenthood is a blurry, tired time, but life is just the right kind of full at this moment and I’m happy.

Happy Monday peeps.


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