I Want to Go to There

Maybe it’s because we’re dead center in the middle of the work week, or possibly it’s because I know my 2nd born is just around the corner and cycling time will soon be more scarce, but today I’ve got the bug. I have a serious craving for the mountain bike.

Fortunately for all my bike is back in Folsom, because today I literally have dreams of covertly rigging a” home alone”-style decoy system (you know… the one with Michael Jordan cutouts dancing to Christmas carols) and sneaking out the back door for some time on the dirt. Being that this is out of my hands, I’ve turned to Youtube for my fix and dug up a vid that DiCarlo shared with me weeks ago. In it, a sufficiently stoked pro Red Bull rider (Claudio Caluori) takes an advanced run through a gnarly downhill competition course in South Africa. His narration does not betray the pure thrill of the course and I love that. I will likely never take on a course nearly so tough or fast, but that is the feeling that I get when ride sections of my local loops.

If you’ve got the bug like I do today, you should close the door to your office for 5 min and watch in fullscreen glory. It will get you through the workday.

Happy Wed,


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