May is Bike Month: Photos Feed

Hey peeps. It’s bike month!

…And while, in this past, bike month has been marked by punishing mileage challenges, outlandish bets & even midnight rides (Seriously, there were some shockingly high stakes items on the line), I’m incorporating something new to celebrate our time on the trails: a simple photo feed. From mountain to road and everything in between, I’ll curate our best moments here. (Shoot. I might even have to dig into the archives for some past gems.)

So check in every-so-often and get a look at what’s going on on the trails, and if you have some photos to add, just tag them with #TeamRoadRash on instagram or twitter and I’ll look into throwing them into the mix.

#TeamRoadRash MIBM Feed

[justified_image_grid row_height=360 load_more=click caption_bg_color=rgba(0,0,0,0.6) caption_opacity=1 caption=fade flickr_user=68771104@N00 flickr_photoset=72157644504430571 ]


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