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Hey peeps. So when I was gearing up for this past weekend, I fully expected this post would be highly detailed chronicle of the sufferfest that was the Gold Country Fondo. As you can tell, that’s not the case. It turns out the weather had no intentions of agreeing, and even managed to force Big George Hincapie off the road 60 miles into the journey. Nevertheless, sometimes the best weekends on the bike are the ones where your plans fall through and you just get a chance to ride.

In this week’s rash: Photos from some of Auburn and Newcastle’s best cycling roads + Photos and video of the mountain bike trails hiding between the trees on the south shores of Folsom Lake.

Photo Gallery

Both of these rides were an unplanned delights. I could write them up but sometimes it's just nice to let the photos do the talking. Feel free to get your bearings via the route links below:

Video: Mountain Biking along the south shores of Folsom Lake

Got a minute? Then, enjoy some footage from the first half of the dirt ride above set to a light, infectious beat from the The Hood Internet.

Music Credit: The Hood Internet – Song: Doin’ it Right (Kanye West x Daft Punk)

Album of the Week

This week’s selection is a throwback from 2010: “Passive Me, Aggressive You” by The Naked and Famous. This album is a light, spirited journey with an upbeat tempo. You’ll recognize a few of the hits, but you’ll just as easily find yourself tapping your foot to the more obscure tracks as well. Whether you’re pounding out tempo on the bike or you’re just at your desk getting some work done, it will be better if you’re listening to this album. So press play and let me know what you think.


Tomorrow is Friday! …and this tweet just cracked me up.


Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for checking in. Follow us here or on twitter and we’ll see you out on the trails.

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