Mountain Biking Folsom Lake: Singletrack to Salmon Falls

Hey Peeps. Yes, I’m well aware that Wildflower is nearly upon us and more base miles on the road are a must, but this weekend the Folsom Lake singletrack came calling and the allure of the fresh spring landscape and the promise of a small adventure proved too great to pass up. That’s right, it was mtn bike wknd.

Starting from the Mormon Island Wetlands, I took Saturday afternoon to roll eastbound from the levy entrance along the singletrack trails that line the south shore of Folsom Lake. My ultimate destination: the original Salmon Falls staging area.

Along the way, I made sure to grab a few shots with the GoPro to record the journey. Hopefully this will serve as a little inspiration to get out there and test the local mtn trails while this spring weather holds.



At first glance this map may look a little crazy, but this is actually a pretty straightforward route to follow. Accessing the trails from the south levy entrance is a piece of cake. From there, you'll find a few forks in the road to choose from, but if you opt to follow the shore line, you really can't go wrong. The only caveat to this is when you emerge from lake hill cove, moving toward peanut point. Here the trail diverges a bit into a small series of walking trails and the recent growth makes it a bit difficult to locate the main artery. When you get there, just stay a little closer to the neighborhoods and you'll find your way much more easily then I initially did :).

Map + Strava:

Visit the Full Strava Ride Here



Out and Back: 27 Miles (though your mileage will likely approach 30 if you ride strictly on the trails)

Terrain & Trail Conditions:

One major plus for this route is how well this trail is maintained. The spring canopy of trees and brush is thick in places. However, most fallen trees have been cut and moved aside, providing you with confidence in your road as you navigate the many twists and turns. Additionally, the small feeder streams that occasionally find their way through the trails are comfortable to splash through and the few that aren't have been supplemented a plank or a log to aid you as you roll across. Pretty cool.

In a Pinch:

Another great feature of this route is that while it quickly offers the freeing sense of isolation, you can rest easy knowing that civilization is always just around the corner. If you find yourself short on time or completely spent at some point along the way, there are several opt-out points readily available.  This time around, I took full advantage of this feature and hopped on the paved roads once I reached Salmon Falls Rd. so I could make it back for some afternoon obligations. (hence the short paved loop before hopping back on at Lake Hills Dr.)

Elevation Map

(Read: Difficulty)

Intermediate: Over the 27 mile round trip, my garmin reported that I managed to take on roughly 2,100 ft of climbing. My legs noticed every bit of it, but as you can see, it is spread out judiciously across the journey with many sharp and sudden pitches followed by a quick drop. Once you've gotten a feel for the terrain and how the trail is laid, it's really quite great. Each challenging section is followed immediately with a indulgent payoff. Whether dodging between trees, bouncing over the occasional rock patch, or skipping across puddles and streams, each moment is packed with a satisfying sense of adventure. If you're new to the sport as I am, use the Browns Ravine Loop + campground section to get a little practice in...and you'll be fine.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.25.51 PM

Photo Gallery

Is This Ride With the Time?

Absolutely! If I could offer just one piece of advice about this ride, I'd encourage you to go now. As you can see from the photos, everything is lush and green and the water level is on the rise. The sights along this trail are spectacular and you'll get a new perspective on this great lake that marks our town.


Well, that’s enough for this write up. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the review. In addition to the photos I’m cutting together some video of the ride. That’ll really fill in the blanks on the feel of this ride, but for the time being hop out there an try it for yourself. As always, thanks for reading and if there are any additional trails you’d like to see on the site, just drop me a note in the comments. See you next time.

– Linz

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  1. All this dirt is going to make you soft come wildflower. That’s all. Love the blog. Keep em’ comin!

    – anonymous

    • Lies! Haha. Thanks dude. I know it’s only a matter of time before you add a mtn bike to your collection.


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