The Rash: Unwinding

Hey Peeps! Welcome to another edition of “The Rash”. I hope everyone made time for some great riding this past weekend. Myself, I hooked up the GoPro to my brand new helmet mount & hit up a couple local staples before a Santa Cruz excursion this weekend…It was terrific.

In this week’s rash:  Salmon Falls Salvation, a Bike Trip “Dog Party” , Amgen Tour of California – Folsom TT Route Reveal, Music for Your Ears & Some Footnotes

Wknd Highlight: Unwinding on Salmon Falls Rd.

Like I said, this weekend was all about some classic local rides. First up, I took to the climbs of Salmon Falls. This is actually the second consecutive time that I’d left the house will full intentions of riding a short Deer Valley Loop, only to be drawn in at the last minute by the allure of Salmon Falls Rd.

Like most routes in the area, this stretch offers a bit of elevation & excitement. However, what separates it from the pack is the progression of the journey. It begins with the slight pull of a gentle downward slope and — in moments — you’re grinning in the drops with suburbia behind you…a distant memory. From there it is ranch fences and brilliant, green fields that will eventually give way to bright, red clay walls and rugged manzanita shrubs. The climbs grow successively great, as do the descents along the way. Eventually as you make the journey toward pilot hill, cell reception fades away. Your streaming playlist goes silent. And you’re left with just your thoughts along the steep, long grade to the top.

The Scenery is an Ever-Present Distraction.

As your legs burn up the ascent, scenery is an ever-present distraction. A glance skyward reveals oversized game masterfully riding the currents, in search of their next meal. And a quick look to the roadside reveals a trio of young, speckled goats at play on top of a rock. It is something to behold.

If you’ve got the time, a lap around the lake awaits. But since I have family waiting at home, I opt to turn around and let the adrenaline surge as I scream back down the mountain.

The journey home moves quickly along the familiar terrain. My soul is cleansed. Any stresses from the week have been washed away.

Wknd Highlight #2: Bike Trailer Ride to the “Dog Party”

So this might not fit into the #RoadWarrior or #Racing categories, but recently I took my son on a little excursion in the bike trailer. It was so much fun. Along the way we found some ducks to admire, dropped in on his Aunt and Uncle during their Saturday walk, and even made it out to a “Dog Party” (translation: Dog Park).

Try not to smile when you watch it. I dare you 😉

The Tour of Cali – Folsom Time Trial Route Reveal

The Tour of California will return to Folsom this year – this time for a full day – as the riders take on a challenging individual time trial. Out and back along Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom Lake Crossing, and Green Valley will provide a quick 12.5 miles of distance along with 700 ft of elevation gain. I haven’t quite picked my spectating spot yet, but it would be hard to pass up watching the riders fly up Folsom Crossing.

Note: There will be a going-away party for our Strava scores the night prior at Sam Horne’s. Time TBD

Also Noteworthy: It’s nice to see Folsom Bike folks get some love in the vid.

This Wk’s Music for Your Ears (and Rides)

Sometimes the perfect soundtrack just makes the ride. So here’s the playlist that I’m addicted to this week. “Night Rider” is filled with unobtrusive electronic beats that just seem to get the wheels turning. Marked by frequent nods to “new wave” roots, this playlist manages to infect the listener with the right level of nastalgia just before the thud of the synthesizer threatens to become overwhelming or monotonous. If you’re not into the electronic sound, then you may want to hold off on this one, but if you’re a child of the 80’s who likes a modern twist, I think you’ll be pleased.

Also, track #1 “Nightcall” by Kavinsky is just splendid. The darkness that marks the lead vocals contrasted with the upbeat female verses are more than catchy. So give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Playlist: Night Rider


A crucial #CyclingTip this time around 😉


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– Linz

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  1. What an enjoyable get-a-way, reading your story leading up to climbing Salmon Falls road, and then followed with a smooth decent with some music. Your comfortable writing style and word picture are equal to the pictures. Thanks!


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