The Rash: Kits, Burns & GoPro Theater

Hey Peeps. Hope everyone is putting the final touches on a short week at the office and ready for some incredible riding this weekend. This past weekend I took the road bike for a quick trip up Deer Valley on Saturday before departing to Chico for much needed cycling excursion. This time in Chico, I rolled up through the newly refreshed canyon walls of Honey Run Rd. for a quick preview before this year’s annual Wildflower Century…It was terrific.

In this week’s rash: The New Kit Reveal, GoPro Theater, Ride Gallery & The Pink Dot. Enjoy!

New Kits Revealed

It’s a well known fact that if you wait longer than 3 years to refresh your kit design, you’re officially part of Cycle Folsom. That’s right people, sometimes you’ve just got to refresh your digs…and now is that time.


This year’s kit is an attempt to refresh with a classic and hopefully iconic look. The colors that stripe over the shoulder represent those of the world champion (or at the world champion of Folsom). This year’s kit order will roll through Castelli so we can utilize their clean lines and areospace-tested fabric to take our talent to the top of the podium (at Sam Horne’s). We’re looking forward to sporting these bad boys soon, so if you haven’t already, get your orders in early.

Wait: Did he just find an opportunity within his own jersey announcement to throw a burn at Cycle Folsom. Yes. Yes, he did. That’s right Cycle Folsom. In the spirit of our friendly rivalry….


GoPro Theater

The High’s and Low’s of Honey Run

For this week’s edition of GoPro theater, I hopped into the editing bay with a bit of footage that I gathered from my Chico cycling excursion. Starting from my alma mater and rolling toward Paradise, I captured a few key moments of this fun little journey. If you’ve never ridden it before, note the outrageous pitch and gnarly switchbacks on the way up the ridge, and more importantly, how fun they are to ride back down.

(Music Credit Song: Rope – Deadmau5 Mix by Foo Fighters – Album: Wasting Light Deluxe)

Photo Gallery

This week's gallery is just a few shots that I was able to capture on a short weeknight ride. The conditions couldn't have been better. The evening was warm. Folsom Lake was appeared much less anemic, and the sunrise looked earily atomic. We live in a cool place.

Worth Reading: The Pink Dot


No, “the pink dot” isn’t that cute, new yogurt chain that opened up just down the street. It’s a touching and enlightening piece by Nate Dunn, coach of Team Data Driven Athlete about his fight with his faulty liver, the organ donation that saved his live, and his emergence from the depths of a very dark place. It is exquisitely written and inspiring. Now go read it… (via


Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to mistake the new Trek Factory kit for formalwear…


Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow us or subscribe and We’ll see you out on the trails.

– Linz

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