Fun times w/ the GoPro & Bike Church!

Hey Peeps. I hope everyone had a killer weekend and got a chance to roll out in this amazing winter weather. Sure, the drought and our hidden Folsom Lake has me as nervous as anyone, but sometimes you’ve gotta make hay while the sun shines.

This weekend we managed to do just that. As Bran packed up the mountain bike for some epic riding in Santa Cruz (yep, we’re all a little jealous), I somehow managed to carve out enough time for three great rides (no small feat when you’ve got a toddler at home).  Two were on the mountain bike and one was dedicated to the road. Even better, I managed to fire up the new GoPro for our weekly “Bike Church” ride. So without further ado, take a min and check out Team Road Rash’s first edition of GoPro Theater.

Team Road Rash’s GoPro Theater

Video: Bike Church

This week bike church took us through the mean streets of Folsom and down around Lake Natoma. The weather was a touch chilly, but that kept the crowds off the trails and that is just fine with me. What’s the only thing that is more fun than riding with your friends on a Sunday morning? Making a dramatic vid of the ride, of course. Now have a sip of coffee and enjoy!

Video: Mobbing down Beatty

Here’s another quick little piece from the editing bay. We all love to climb this unforgiving hill just to scream back down it…and do it again. Relive one of your favorite local cycling descents with this quick clip 🙂

The Deer are OK.

OK, this one is a little “inside baseball”, but if you ride a mountain bike around Folsom, you’ve probably seen the ornamental deer that “live” on the switchbacks just west of Empire Ranch Dr.

I truly wish I knew the backstory of this little phenomenon. Who would be motivated to decorate our hillsides with fake deer? And Why? If you know you’ve gotta share.

However, regardless of origin, I do know that they took a beating when their hill was ravaged by a small grassfire this past summer. Well, apparently you just can’t keep a good thing down, because while making the rounds this weekend, I caught a glimpse of the shiny new counterparts displayed atop this post. Maybe this was a clever way to clear out some Christmas decor. Or maybe it was just a bizarre labor of love. Either way seeing the new fellas up there was an unexpected delight…I guess it’s the little things.

Photos: From The Trails

Just a few photos from the trails of our own Wholesome Folsom this week. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share a few from Bran’s Santa Cruz adventure.


Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

– Linz

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