The Rash: Keeping it Classy – The Good, The Bland & The Ugly

Welcome back to the 2nd edition of “The Rash”. Dear god, the name stuck. Yep, just like a nasty case of road rash it doesn’t appear leaving anytime soon. In this weeks edition: kit reveals/reactions, vid recommendations & special shout out to Matt Damon? Enjoy!

2014 kit Reveals

It’s been interesting offseason for the pro cycling scene. The major players are shuffling teams with reckless abandon and we’ve already said goodbye to more than one major outfit. To top it off, until just days ago, it appeared that Horner, fresh off his masters title at the Vuelta, might be attacking those famous french climbs on his own this summer. Alas, things appear to be coming together and teams are now putting on a big fuss to show off their shiny new acquisitions and fancy new duds.

The Good

Ag2r, Belkin, Garmin, Lampre & Lotto all managed to ad a new twist on their classic styles or better yet, opt for a cleaner, more iconic look. Garmin gets a special mention for the addition of the WWF Panda. If you don’t know the story, it’s worth checking it out here (Shout out to Bran for clue-ing me in on this little gem).

The Bland

Buckled safely in the “don’t rock the boat” category, we have FDJ, Giant Shimano, Cat-oosh-A (no I’m not even going to try to spell that out), Omega, Orica-Green Edge, and UHC. Their new looks are slightly tweaked versions of the old. Sponsors are all in the right places and both praise and controversy have been safely avoided.

And the Ugly…

Seriously, WTF? In the world of cycling, lycra has left very little to the imagination as it is. But, for some reason top teams Sky and Trek felt it necessary to put it all on display in the name of “The aggregation of marginal gains”.

Trek Factory may have insisted that they were going classy with their pinstripes, but when you can see through the jersey to the point where your shorts’ attempt to keep things concealed stands out like a big black target, you’ve slipped over the edge. Their┬ápinstripe press kit originally made me think tuxedo tee, but this real-life shot left a different impression altogether.

And Sky? Well you’ve taken the skin suit label quite literally. I hope you’re happy with yourselves…

Honorable Mention

The asterisk award goes to our buddy Chris Horner for riding the entire offseason in his flat black Uni while he figures out his next move. Good on ya!

What to watch: Videos of the Week

This week, I’ve got two suggestions and they’re quite different. One to get amped on. The other to get lost in.

Inspiration: Combing Valparaiso’s Hills

I’m forever amazed at what the folks at RedBull and GoPro put together. This gem is part of the GoPro Channel and offers up the perfect balance of tricks and beauty. Watch as these guys mob down the streets of Valparaiso on their top-end mtn bikes. The stunts they pull off are jaw-dropping and the scenery that surrounds them along the journey is equally captivating. Disclaimer: If you’re short on time, drop into the vid about at 1:30. The first trick is cool but they devote just a bit too much time to it in my opinion. From there on out, it’s worth every minute.

Documentary: Melons, Trucks & Angry Dogs: Full Documentary

Equally inspiring in an entirely different way, “Melons, Trucks…” drops you in on the journey of Specialized’s team AWOL as they “race” from London to Istanbul. Throughout the journey this doc focuses on two riders and their differing approaches. If you’re looking to lose yourself into something interesting, pop this on during your lunch our and enjoy the ride. The photography is excellent and the journey is unique.

Shout out to Matt Damon

Lastly, a shout out to Matt Damon and the actors instant bike cred. Apparently, he’s taken up mountain biking and has the busted wing to prove it. Pretty rad! Heal up soon Mr.Bourne.


That’s a wrap for edition two of “The Rash”! Thanks for reading and check back in soon.



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