Curt “Michael” Mills: Fun Facts

Sunday was a good day for our buddy Curt.  However, this up-and-coming racer a carries with him an air of mystique.  So today we celebrate with a couple fun facts about our favorite local racer… 

  1. Sponsors: He’s prefers his base layers in the turtleneck variety. Some say that it is an awkward embodiment of his extreme love for turtles, but those who know him best know that it is fueled by an equally unnatural obsession with Steve Jobs. He can often be found chewing out barristas in Palo Alto and obsessing over “clean design”.  If jeans and white tennis shoes were aero enough, he’d be racing in the full Jobsian uniform.
  2. He has recently applied for membership with the local plumbers union. Fresh off a victory against his antiquated, oversized water heater, Curt is now brimming with confidence related to this age-old profession.  Complete with visions of unnecessary car wash stations and hidden valves, he’s ready to take on your odd plumbing jobs…for a nominal fee.
  3. His middle name is probably not Michael. Truth is I don’t know his middle name, but I know several mikes around his age group so I’m just throwing it out there.
  4. He’s unafraid to heckle local pro Paul Mach at the local saturday ride.  Who of my friends will awkwardly discuss “what a real pro” would do directly to their face? I know and so do you.
  5. He’s accepted and even encouraged several outlandish bets over (may is) bike month milage. Out of respect for those involved as well as a few pending court cases, I’ll spare the details from this public forum.
  6. He’s cracked countless helmets yet brain activity appears to remain (mostly) in tact. Accordingly the lion’s share of his internet browsing activity is dedicated to finding new quality lids at an affordable price.
  7. He shamelessly roots for contador every July. This quality I secretly love. The tour will not be the same without Contador. and I’d rather see “El Pistolero” take the W over “the bridesmaid” any day.
  8. He is easily the most competitive person that I know. 
  9. On Sunday he won his first circuit race in Wholesome Folsom. Congratulations Sir!!

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