The Sights of the 2012 Chico Wildflower

Admittedly its been a few weeks since the Wildflower and still no write up.  What gives?! Well, after a sitting down on more than one occasion to relive and hammer out the recap, I’m officially throwing in the towel. It was a gorgeous day and a fun time with great friends, but quite honestly it was an ordeal.

This year we collectively fought through missed turns/route adjustments, a broken seat, a busted shifter, the onset of heatstroke, and just the standard fatigue as we set out to complete the 100 mile course.

Don’t get me wrong.  We absolutely enjoyed our share of highlights and yes, the struggle made crossing that finish line that much more sweet. However, my attempts to recount the day have quickly turned into a chronicle instead of the light, charming story I’d prefer it to be.  So Instead, today we’re simply sharing some photos as we look back fondly on the difficult day that was. Enjoy!

Photos from the Chico Wildflower 2012:

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