Levi’s at it again

Levi leipheimer may have changed squads this year, but this weekend there are signs that old habits die hard. Fresh off an outstanding weekend for Omega Pharma Lotto where teammate Tom Boonen turned in a dominant performance to take the win in the classic of Flanders, veteran Leipheimer seems unable to stand even a moment out of the spotlight.

Willing to spend a day in the hospital rather than endure another moment in his teammate’s shadow, Leipheimer took the full force of a european auto to his rear wheel while on an early morning training ride in Spain. Though preliminary reports have shown no broken bones, this will send the seasoned rider home to recover rather than compete in the upcoming Tour of the Basque Country. Former teammates Lance Armstrong and Chris Horner could not be reached for comment regarding the incident, but sources close to them have said that they wish Leipheimer well and have quietly reached out to Boonen in support. Armstrong had seen this several times during his tour pursuits. However, Horner had only recently experienced this first hand during the 2011 Tour of California.

Disclaimer: We love Levi and wish him a speedy recover. Hopefully, the tongue-in-cheek nature of this post isn’t lost on any readers.

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