A Morning Ride up Deer Valley

I hope everyone enjoyed an easter weekend, packed with family, friends and good food.  Mine was wonderful and the sunshine and warmth was a welcomed sight. Some tight scheduling pushed back the Folsom Lake Loop to next weekend, but this past saturday we took the opportunity to roll up Malcolm Dixon and Deer Valley Rd. to take part in the Deer Valley Loop.

[ride id=6471341 map_width=”” map_height=”300px” threshold=”15″]

A gorgeous little section of road, tucked away in the hills next to the heavily trafficked Green Valley, it is easy to forget how close to home you really are. On this particular Saturday, our early morning start was greeted with a brisk chill. However, a quick charge up the first hill was all that was required to thaw. From there it was all tall spring oak, near florescent fields of green, sharp climbs, and quick descents toward to the fire house in Rescue. And then back down the hill for a swift trip along Green Valley Rd. and a rapid descent home. For relatively short ride, this journey is packed with payoff.  The climbs are packed with gorgeous vistas, the roads are quiet, the descents are just windy enough to make you smile, and the ride home is a swift trip back down the hill.

It had been a little while since my last crack at this loop, but it certainly won’t be long before I try it again. A wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.

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