New Jerseys, Members, and Sponsors! 2012 is Going to be a Fun One…

2011 flew by! …and in that time there was far to much that just didn’t get captured here.  Now, it’s time to remedy that with a quick recap as we roll into the new year. 

Team Road Rash’s Newest Member

Although our team has a tendency to flirt with exclusivity to an extreme, there are occasions where we find it within ourselves to bring someone new into the paceline.  This Fall was one such occasion.

On October 10th, 2011 my wife and I were blessed to meet our son Ben for the first time.  Impatient like his parents at times, he surprised us a few weeks before his November due date, but that didn’t seem to shake him. He was raring to go.

Life with him has been new and special in a way that is altogether undescribable. His latest tricks are the smiles and laughs that he spouts off when we play together. Occasionally catching us both off-guard, there is no defense for that kind of sweetness.  It just melts you. I can’t wait to see the man that he will become.  I anxiously await our first ride…though that is a while off still.

New Team RR Jersey’s made their Debut

After spending entirely too much time on the computer and agonizing over the smallest of details, we finally unveiled our new retro-inspired jerseys. Somewhat childlike themselves, the new jerseys take what we loved about the original and injects new life into the design.

The updated look makes use of the original symbols and landmarks but incorporates the brighter colors and playful fonts simliar to what you may have seen on your favorite jersey in the early 80’s.  The wide bars running vertical in the background and the patriotic color scheme make me smile and are a deliberate throwback to the GI Joe cartoons that I used to watch on loop every saturday morning. The side panels and sleeves showcase red lettering on a crisp white background, paying homage to Wholesome Folsom.  An added benefit, the lighter colors on the sleeves should offer just a touch of relieve in the upcoming sumer heat compared to the black panels in the previous design.

Did you say New Sponsors? That’s right! If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that we’ve got some new sponsors up on the sleeve. Samuel Horne’s Tavern, our favorite watering hole and team meeting destination graciously offered to be a sponsor as did the Bear Republic Brewing Co., home of the famous Racer 5 IPA. (woo!)

Ok, now I’m getting thirsty.  Seriously, we are huge fans of both of these guys and hope that you’ll seek them out if your not already.

On to the New Year!

As you can probably tell, I’m stoked about this season. While we’re probably headed dead-on for a drought, the cycling this January has been incredible and will be sure to drop us into some amazing rides as we roll deeper into the year.  We’ll be making team meetings (ok, its just at Trivia Horne’s) and team rides a regular occurrence. So check in here on the site, twitter, fb, and so on to join in in the fun.  Thanks for stopping by.

All this talk of fancy jerseys, bike riding, and delicious beer sparking your interest? Catch up with us in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you.

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