Contador gives back!

Update: Apparently the luster of his newfound yellow jersey has already begun to fade. Reports from within the Schleck camp have surfaced which indicate that the youngest Schleck brother tried on the gifted child’s sized jersey and exclaimed that its tightness and constrictive nature were not pleasing.

Sources close to his brother Frank seem to think that size was less of a factor and that had Alberto cleaned the jersey before handing it off, the symbolic gift would have been better received. Later he muttered to a Dutch paper in a somewhat beleaguered tone, “For me Alberto is the winner of the 2010 Tour. I would love to win the Tour on my own.”

With the arrival of this news, it was reported that Contador hastily drew his hand toward the air in the shape of a pistol, but quickly holstered the fake weapon as better judgement prevailed


Original Story: In an incredibly generous move, three time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has opted to relinquish his 2010 TDF title and hand it over to rival Andy Schleck.

When asked to respond to this act of generosity and sportsmanship, Schleck could only remark that the this was truly a shock and that he felt great joy in his stomach to receive such an honor and be recognized as a true champion.

Due to scheduling constraints, the two said that there were no plans at this time to meet up to celebrate the occasion, but Alberto, recently dubbed a “foodie” by the press, exclaimed that he has extended an open invitation to the Luxembourger to dine together the next time he is in town.

In response to the recent rumblings of retirement, Contador characteristically deflected most of the questions but did let on that he planned to spend more time with his family and to take ample time to reflect on his career achievements before jumping back into the competitive arena.

More as this story develops.

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