May is Bike Month! Video Highlight

Hey everybody! Here is a little highlight from the A/V Club. Sure, it is a quick familiar stretch of the American River bike trail, but we got a chance to try out the new helmet mount and HD setting with the cam. It really turned out great. Thanks Mike.

We are only 12 days into May, but the personal mileage challenges within our own team are starting to get a little crazy (I love it). Also, this might be a good time to let Cycle Folsom know that we’ve been unofficially competing with them. We’ve edged out a tiny lead for the moment but they are some serious riders. I look forward to the back-and-forth. Watching the TOC next week is going to be incredible. If you’re interested, come join us and give us a heads up in the comments.

Anyways, say hi if we see you out on the trails, crank the vid up to 720p, and enjoy!

6 Responses to “May is Bike Month! Video Highlight”

  1. Great video. Any idea what the max speed and the average speed were on that descent?

  2. Bill Hardy

    What an improvement, the head cam really does a good job. Will be great for the future. Mayisbikemonth is really fun, seeing how the team jockys back and forth with other teams makes it fun to see how we do day to day. Good going Team Road Rash!

  3. Thanks Jay. the max was probably between 27 and 30…not sure about the avg. I like how the audio makes it sound like a roller coaster track.

  4. Jeff T

    Cycle Folsom is up for the challenge. As one CF member put it.. “After we log our miles Team Road Rash will be eating asphalt”. This could get interesting. See you guys on the road.

  5. @Jeff: HA. great…I think I see what you’re talking about. It looks like the CF mile count jumped by like 600. Well, this fight isn’t over yet. See you out there.

  6. Belinda

    This looks great! Should add some music in – especially in the section where you’ve caught up to the other biker – i was thinking the little tune from the original Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch is on her bike…


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