Chico Wildflower Century Videos: Time Lapse video part 1 of 4

The team’s just returned home from Chico VELO’s 29th annual Wildflower Century. It was an amazing ride and our report was is on the way soon. However, in the meantime, we’ve got a new addition to Team Road Rash…Video! Yes, as a team of cyclists/nerds it was only be a matter of time before we started our own A/V club. On that note, a big thanks is owed to Mike for putting it all together. He has certainly earned his title as president of the A/V club. Parts 2-4 are on their way and will go up as soon as they are available. Additionally, there is a timeline of the key points listed below.

Part 1: Start – Fairgrounds to Paradise

Highlights and Breakdown of sections:
– 1:30 – The first climb begins up Humboldt Rd.
– 3:00 – Humboldt climb complete, first descent!
– 4:15 – Winding down Honey Run Rd.
– 6:25 – The Honey Run climb begins up toward paradise
– 8:45 – The top of the climb

(disclaimer: The nature of a handle-mounted camera will make a couple sections of the climb a little choppy.) ENJOY & Check in for more Updates!

4 Responses to “Chico Wildflower Century Videos: Time Lapse video part 1 of 4”

  1. Good choice of music, the only thing i would suggest (and take it for what its worth) is that you break up the time lapse with some real time just to give the eyes a break.

  2. Thanks! The feedback is appreciated. The video is a new addition to our skillset so we’re still working out a few of the kinks.

  3. Awesome video! Looking forward to the next 3 installments. That was my fourth Wildflower and easily my favorite.


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