Chico Wildflower Century Videos 2010: Time Lapse Part 3 of 4

Video #3 is up! This one takes you from the top of table mountain to durham.
Check out the water bottle madness @ 3:15. Good instincts on that descent mike.

3 Responses to “Chico Wildflower Century Videos 2010: Time Lapse Part 3 of 4”

  1. That looks like it was a close call, between possibly wiping out on the bottle and having to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane – there’s a lot that could’ve gone wrong. Glad your descending skills are sharp.

  2. Thank you guys for posting these awesome videos. Of all the years I’ve done Wildflower, this year had the most perfect weather. It’s nice to be able to watch these vids and relive it, especially for Honey Run Rd. and Table Mtn. It always amazes me that 1000ft of climbing (Table Mtn.) can feel that brutal, but I guess that’s what happens when you do it after 50 miles under a blazing sun. It didn’t help that I had a really annoying song stuck in my head all the way up. Anyway, it was a great day to ride and your write-up was a very entertaining read.


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