Team Road Rash's First Century of 2010: The Gran Fondo San Diego

gran fondo san diego

The bags are packed, the carbo loading has begun, and this weekend two members of team road rash will make the journey down to (hopefully sunny) Southern California to participate in the Gran Fondo San Diego. The event takes claim to being America’s first gran fondo although they only beat levi’s in Santa Rosa by about six months. Nevertheless, it is certainly San Diego’s newest cycling tradition and a popular one at that. With 3,700 riders 2010 ride is sold out in only its second year.

As you’d expect, we’re extremely excited to kick off our season with such an event. The ride will begin early Sunday morning at the starting line in little italy. From there the massive peloton will take off in 90 second intervals toward Coronado island, then along the coast down ro imperial beach. At this point the ride will run inland and take us through a variety of terrain including desert and mountains.

For more info about the ride, you can check out the official website: Tomorrow we’ll pick up our registration info and check out the scene. Pics will be going up all weekend as well.

The Ride:
gran fondo san diego route map

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