Team Road Rash Beats Levi at his own Race!

Once again Team Road Rash’s powerhouse Branigan Schoppman showed why he is both feared and respected on the trails of Folsom and abroad. In an incredible upset Schoppman put Levi Leipheimer (the multiple time Tour of California Champion) to shame with a finish a full 14 places ahead of the front runner.

However, as with many cycling upsets of this nature, his decisive victory has been mildly tarnished by the efforts of the “drive-by” media. Despite the hard evidence of his outstanding finish time, they have decided to focus solely on the fact that moments before the ride began Branigan chose to ride the 65 mile course. Rather than buy into this nonsense, Team Road Rash chooses to raise a glass in his honor and hopes you will to. Here’s to you Mr. Schoppman…

Ok on a serious note, Bran really did get to meet Leipheimer on the trails. Coming back from the coast, he rode by and told Bran “good work” and to keep it up. Levi is a class act and put on a great ride! Check in for the ride details and pics soon.

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  1. Branigan

    Thank you, thank you for all the kind words. Levi was a serious contender, but as we all can see on the results page… the better man won this day. Still looking for sponsers, i’ll take payment in the form of beer and california burritoes if anyone is interested.


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