The Post Ride Review: Gold Rush Metric Century

Team Road Rash - before the gold hills century

Yesterday marked the second annual gold rush metric century and it was quite a day. Team RR was proud to have a trio of riders dawning the team jersey and representing wholsome Folsom in the event. After participated in the event last year, we were eager to see what the new course would bring to the table.

Although advertised as a ride for the serious and casual rider alike, this new course pulled no punches. Starting on the trails and running up the new bridge (affectionately called the Johnny cash expressway in my home) there was no shortage of great scenery along the ride and likewise no lack of climbing terrain. Within a a few minutes along green valley the tone had been set and that would continue for about 35 miles before any real relief. The final major climb before looping home was intense and left some riders to taking a minute next to their bikes before completing the climb. However, as always, that rush when you reached the top somehow seemed to wash away any ill will that you had harbored for all the hard work.

From there on out, it was fairly smooth sailing. Rolling hills, some aggressive descents, and sweeping bends around the countryside would account for the majority of the second half of the ride. This was still by no means easy, but compared to the first 35 miles of work it was a welcomed departure.

Overall, The ride was great. It was well staffed, supported, and covered some beautiful landscapes. If there was any criticism, I’d say that the conditions of some of the roads were pretty rough (I got my first flat about 30 mins into the ride) and that the ride was a little more aggressive than advertised. Judging by a lot of the crowd we saw out there, it looked like they might have underplayed the course a bit too much this year, especially considering last years intermediate run up to auburn. Regardless, I would do it again. It was a great day out there with some crazy weather and some awesome riding. Now it is time to train for the Fondo. Can’t wait!

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