Team Road Rash Hits the Interwebs!

Well, it is the eve before the Gold Rush metric century and the Folsom Cyclebration weekend is well underway.  We were fortunate enough to see the time trials riders hitting the course at the canal near RelyNet this afternoon and there was some seriously impressive gear.  Apparently 300 riders participated in the event.  I have no idea what to expect for the turnout of tomorrow’s ride, but it is going to be a blast. The change of course will be a welcome addition this year and should provide some great scenery and challenging climbs for the day.  The team will do our best to document it all as we take on the ride with some pics and maybe even a little video.

As for team road rash, We are a collection of good friends and motivated riders located in and around “Wholesome” Folsom, CA.  We train together with regular team rides, participate in various centuries across the state, and enjoy a good beer or two on the weekends.  If these activities resonate with you, hop into the slipstream, do a little pulling, and join into the fun.  We’ve recently taken the plunge into becoming a bit more organized which has resulted in the new team gear and site.  The gear we are happy with…The site needs a little work (it went up tonight so I realize it is pretty generic.  oh well, this will change).

Well, it is time to turn in for the night and rest up for tomorrow.  Hope to see a great crowd out there and look for site changes and ride updates soon.

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